Some Info on Creating Your Church Brand

So let’s get down to the root problem: Sometimes churches feel like they have a split-personality problem when every ministry might communicate various different messages.  This is why it takes leadership to assist in crafting an everlasting brand and image. The American Institute of Graphic Design specifies that is a brand is a person’s view of a solution, business, organization, or item. When push-comes-to-shove, your church brand name is not so much about you, but what your church offers. You have to come find exactly what it is that makes your church so awesome, and striving to maintain and improve that awesomeness. Here’s some great information about branding your church: So in order to establish and enhance your church’s brand, ask this question:  “What do we do, and do well? What exactly are we great at?” If we don’t do this, others will certainly do it for you. In this modern time, if we are not specifying who we are and what we do, others will do it for us–and that’s not always a good thing.

So exactly how does a brand name get diluted or tarnished?

Ever heard the saying “jack of all trades, master of none?” When your church (or “brand name”) ministries attempt to be everything to everyone, the result for the majority of churches is that a whole lot of them are simply mediocre. And when you provide a lot of ministries/offerings that are mediocre, then everything your church stands for winds up watered down. It’s important to remember that folks just don’t concern your church because of the area. They could come to check it out, however to have them consistently return implies that you are, at least in some areas, satisfying their requirements.

So how, exactly, do you recognize if your church brand is diluted?

It’s easy… ask a number of members of your congregation (individually) what they believe your church represents. When there isn’t really any uniformity in the responses, your brand is already diluted/thinned down.

What are brand name encounters?

Brand encounters are all about uniformity and consistency. When people visit your church and experience a consistency each time (from welcome ambassadors, services and sermons, occasions and holiday celebrations, etc.), you are producing a brand encounter.

Who has the “church brand?”

In truth, everyone! The responsibility doesn’t just landed on any person or group. This is how you know if the “this is what we do, we do it do well, and we excel at it” rule is effective. When you pose the question and get consistent responses, you will certainly see the difference. Every church can–and should strive to–be more. We hope you agree, and we hope you found this article interesting and useful! If you want to see a great example of awesome church branding in action, take a look at this church in San Marcos, TX. To Recap: Every church has a tale to mention to concerning itself, the ministries and also the folks within it. How can it be that churches with such vivid ministries appear inefficient when acquiring their message out? In the end, if your goal is to have stories as well as dealings with that come out of your church seen as well as listened to as dynamic and energy providing, consider what is claimed above.]]>