Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Odd Job Board Teenagers doing odd jobs like yard work is a pretty common way of raising some extra money, but you can better coordinate these jobs by having a bulletin board in your church where members can post pieces of paper with odd jobs they need done around the yard or house and the amount of money they’re willing to pay someone to do the job for them. These can be any chores they need done and are willing to pay a little bit of money for. Young members (or anyone really, for that matter) can take the job postings to sign up for the task; the money they earn will go towards the fundraiser.

Art Auction Dinner

Artistically inclined people usually don’t need a special occasion to make an artwork, but a cause like a mission trip can be the extra motivation someone needs to make some work and help out the cause. Having church members create original artworks for a fundraiser auction can be a very effective way to get people motivated to help out; you can even get kids at school to join in and make art based on their favorite Bible stories for the auction. Tickets can be sold in advance at $10 each, and a live or silent auction can be held over a dinner of your choice. Church members can donate ingredients for the chosen dinners. With the excitement of a live auction, the art pieces are likely to raise a good amount of money.

Sports Tournament

Another exciting way to raise money is to hold a sports tournament with a $10 entry fee per person. Snacks and drinks can be sold to the players and audience to raise additional money, and the entry fees can add up quickly if it becomes a larger tournament event. You can get creative with fun prizes for the winners.


As simple as it may sound, hand-writing letters can still be one of the most San Marcos church effective ways of raising money for a mission trip. If the letters are well-written and they don’t just stop at sending them to friends and family, a church member can raise over $2000 by sending letters out to only 75 people. This can be especially effective if the letters are written by youth group members. It never hurts to ask people directly to help out the cause, and most people are very willing to help even if it’s a small amount. Just remember to send lots of letters and those small amounts will add up quickly.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Something that’s often overlooked is that many airlines give their members the choice to donate their frequent flyer miles to non-profit groups. Most people travel at least once in a while, and finding the best way to utilize your miles is always a concern. Sometimes, a cause such as a mission trip is more important than getting a small discount off your next flight, and many people will certainly be willing to donate in this way. Just be sure to double-check with the airline to make sure the mission trip you’re organizing will be eligible. Now that you’ve read a few less obvious fundraising ideas, you can probably think of a bunch of different creative ideas on your own as well. There are all kinds of ways you http://www.churchjobs.net/church-jobs/denomination/non-denominational/ can get people excited to help with your mission trip, and the rewards are definitely worth it. You’ll find that your church and community members will be willing to donate to your cause; you just need a little bit of creativity to find the best way to get the ball rolling. ]]>