Embroidery – Understanding the Art and its Benefits

Weekly ResourcePond Recommendations! Every week we will pick a company or business that works hard and provides a valuable service to other organizations or individuals in their community. Today’s post is targeted towards business and organization owners and decision makers. This week we’re focusing on RiverCity Sportswear, an excellent company that services the San Marcos, San Antonio, Austin, and surrounding areas with embroidery, t-shirt printing, promo product customization, and so much more–a truly valuable service for growing and establishing your organization’s brand/image. Custom Embroidery Services Do you like custom logos and brand names on your apparel? It is quite common to find logos, brands stickers, and tag lines on T-shirts and bags. Have you ever wondered how these logos are created? Embroidery is the right answer. It is the craft of stitching logos, text, pictures, and decorative tags on clothes with the help of needle and thread. You can do it with hands as well as machine and it can create both simple and complex designs alike. Embroidery is one of the oldest techniques for decorating clothes and other material. You can easily find evidence of its use in the history. If you are planning to learn this technique, here are some pointers to start. What are the different styles of Embroidery? This art form extends way beyond some particular categories but we are going to highlight some of the most popular ones in this section. 1. Cross Stitch: This category involves use of x-shaped stitches over a uniform fabric. It can be done over a variety of fabrics including linen, vinyl, plastic, perforated paper and stiff Aida fabric. Most of the designers use cotton floss threads for cross-stitch embroidery. 2. Needle Painting: Do you like pictures with detailed images and artwork? Needle painting uses a combination of different-sized stitches for creating a natural painting look. These fabrics often reflect the brush strokes found in paintings with a proper blend with the overall design. 3. Crewel: Crewel style is used for creating bold and large pictures with different types of stitches including satin, chain, and split stitches. Crewel embroidery is quite common on strong bases such as cotton, velvet, jute, and linen. 4. Needlepoint: Needlepoint technique is commonly used on canvas with uniformly spaced stitch holes and canvas is measured with the number of thread counts. There is no restriction about the variety of stitches used in this technique. How embroidery can help brands in promotion? There are several ways in which companies build their brands and use of custom apparels is one of them. According to some studies, use of custom clothes can boost employee motivation and offer identity to the workforce. If you are planning to use embroidery for your brand, here are some benefits that you should consider. 1. Free advertising and brand promotion 2. Provides unique image to your brand and differentiates it from competitors 3. Develop the feeling of community within the company 4. Offers a professional and personal look to the staff 5. Customers start recognizing your brand with the clothes itself 6. For service chains, embroidered clothes offer better visibility and hence, better service 7. Embroidery is best for promoting new products in a cost-effective manner 8. Embroidered apparels are best business gifts In addition to these benefits, custom-embroidered clothes improve the perceived value of a brand and help employees earn the respect of your customer. Some surveys have highlighted that customers are more comfortable and confident in dealing with employees wearing embroidered clothes. Your business stands out of the queue and it offers a unique reputation to your business. This is the reason why every chain of brand stores has a unique uniform, which shows that the company stands united to serve their customers.]]>